Tyler Moore Tyler Moore is the Director of the Security Economics Lab and the Tandy Assistant Professor of Cyber Security and Information Assurance at TU.
Dr. Tyler Moore
David Benson David Benson (Ph.D. political science, University of Chicago) is a postdoctoral fellow at SMU. David is working on the NSF project "EAGER: Exploring Trade-offs in Cyber Offense and Defense Using the Lenses of Computer and Political Science".
Dr. David Benson
JT Hamrick is a graduate student RA working on the project "Shocks to and Security in the Bitcoin Ecosystem: An Interdisciplinary Approach".
JT Hamrick
Marie Vasek Marie Vasek is a PhD student studying the economics of web-based malware. She is Research Advisor to StopBadware and works as an RA for the DHS project "Analyzing and Disrupting the Economics of Cybercrime".
Marie Vasek